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Both Life University and Boston have lost national team members in their midfield going into the Super League semifinals. Both have very capable replacements ready to come back.

Life’s Paul Emerick and Boston’s Roland Suniula are now with the USA 7s team and won’t be available for this weekend’s semifinal or, most likely, next weekend’s final.

Life welcomed Paul Emerick to their squad just as Tui Osborne went down with an injury. Osborne was back on the field April 30 in the final league game, against Boston, and came on as a sub. He will replace Emerick at center for this Saturday’s semifinal in Marietta, Ga.

Meanwhile a similar situation played out in Massachusetts. Suniula joined Boston just as Derek Wavomba underwent surgery. Wavomba is now back training with the club and will replace Suniula at center.

“It’s a wash,” said Boston Head Coach Mike Diamantopoulos. “They lose Emerick, we lose Suniula. We both have really good players to put in their place. We feel pretty good about our situation.”