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In the Northwest, Old Puget Sound won the 4th of July 7s at Fort Lewis, and then the Can-Ams 7s against some top Canadian competition. Hard to argue that they should drop out of #1.

SFGG won their own tournament, and also looked good this past weekend in the Palo Alto 7s Series. Several other clubs in Northern have emerged as possible Pacific Coast title contenders: Sacramento Capitals (with Garrett Hawley driving the bus there), and East Palo Alto (Mile Pulu has been playing for them but there’s some question as to who he will play for at the PCRFU playoffs, as his CIPP transfer last exactly one day).

In the Midwest, 1823 leads the Midwest standings easily, and were champions in Cleveland this past weekend. But the Chicago Lions have been impressive, also, and looked especially strong at the Lakefront 7s.

There are several other teams pushing ahead in the Midwest, but right now it looks as if 1823 and the Lions are tops.

In the East, Boston leads the way, but don’t count Old Blue out. With NYAC not fielding a 7s team this summer, Old Blue has over 40 guys out at training and, like many of the best 7s teams this year. The Mid-Atlantic region is wide open, although Schuylkill River looks to be emerging from that group, and the South still a question-mark, as is Southern California.

In the West, The Woodland Exiles emerged this past weekend as a very scary team. Led by longtime Canada 7s captain Phil Mack, they’ve got a lot of talent. However, they won the Kansas City Blues 7s without the Glendale Raptors being there, as Glendale went to San Diego to play in a tournament against different opposition. The Raptors won all their games, including against Belmont Shore. July 11, 2011 Club 7s Top 20

1.(1) Old Puget Sound Beach. Have not put a foot wrong in weeks, and have outstanding depth. At Can-Ams Beach won the top bracket, their 2nd team finished 3rd, and their 3rd team won the open bracket.

2.(2) Glendale. Beating Belmont Shore and OMBAC was impressive.

3.(3) Boston. Won Old Blue 7s

4.(4) Chicago Lions. Have won a couple of times now. Certainly for real.

5.(5) Belmont Shore. Beat everyone in San Diego except Glendale.

6.(6) SFGG. Should be contender for Pacific Coast title.

7.(7) 1823. Won in Cleveland. They lead the Midwest series thanks to having won quite a b it, and to having competed in five tournaments. Can they keep it up?

8. (12) OMBAC. Probably #2 in SoCal.

9. (20) Utah Warriors. So far unbeaten in warmup games in Utah. Could well be a shocker, especially with PCRFU playoffs at home.

10. (Unr) Schuylkill River. OK, OK, we should give these guys some recognition. Arrival of Chris Ryan as coach a big boost.

11. (Unr) Woodlands Exiles. Exploded onto scene last week, winning in KC.

12.(8) Life. Waiting for a big move from them.

13. (19) Old Blue. Don’t know for sure yet.

14.(10) Denver Barbarians. 2nd in KC

15. (11) YoungBloodz. Is Midwest really so strong as to have this many teams in top 20?

16. (17) Chicago Griffins. At risk of being too Midwest-centric, the Griffs deserve to be here.

17. (9) Dallas. Third in KC

18. (16) Maryland Exiles. One of the better teams in a competitive Mid-Atlantic region.

19. (13) Kutztown University. Need to follow up on their early success

20. (Unr) Atlanta Old White. Won Hotlanta 7s

Honorable Mention: Daytona, East Palo  Alto, Sacramento Capitals, Orlando, New Orleans, Humless, Santa Monica, Kansas City Blues, Hawaii Select, Milwaukee, Aspen