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Well that was interesting. Old Puget Sound got the #1 rating all summer because they were the defending champs, looked better than last year, and kept winning tournaments.

But maybe we overestimated the strength of the (often Canadian) teams OPSB was crushing. And maybe we underestimated how tough the somewhat informal tournaments in Northern California and Utah have been.

Well we found out. OPSB were edged 22-21 by San Francisco Golden Gate in the Pacific Coast semifinals. So the defending national champs aren’t even going to be at the national tournament this year. Wow. Then SFGG got whacked by the Utah Warriors.

Elsewhere, Boston continues to be the strongest team in the Northeast (and Boston II, along with OPSB II and Belmont Shore II could all possibly be top 20 – but we’re not ranking 2nd teams). In the Mid-Atlantic, the best seems pretty obvious to us, now … Schuylkill River is clearly the top team there now.

With OPSB dropping down we could put Utah in 1st and they could be the best team in the nation. But instead we put Glendale there, with Belmont Shore behind them. July 19, 2011 Club 7s Top 20

1.(2) Glendale. Idle
2.(3) Boston. Won New Haven.
3.(5) Belmont Shore. Won 1st SoCal Qualifier.
4. (9) Utah Warriors. Won Pacific Coast.
5.(4) Chicago Lions. Lost Rock Hard 7s to Chicago Griffins, but overall we still think they belong here.
6.(6) SFGG. 2nd in Pacific Coast.
7.(1) Old Puget Sound Beach. Lost to SFGG by one point.
8. (20) Atlanta Old White. Won South.
9. (16) Chicago Griffins. Won Rock Hard 7s, which is perhaps a sign of their growing momentum.
10. (10) Schuylkill River. Leaving the pack behind in Mid-Atlantic.
11. (11) Woodlands Exiles. Possibly much better than 11th. Will see next week.
12.(7) 1823. Still good.
13. (8) OMBAC. Still a question-mark.
14. (13) Old Blue.
15.(14) Denver Barbarians.
16. (Unr) New Orleans. South runners up.
17. (Unr) East Palo Alto.
18.(12) Life.
19. (15) YoungBloodz.
20. (18) Maryland Exiles.