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Since Northern California's main 7s series is more like a group of friendly tournaments, where cups and plates and bowls are more characteristic of the post-tourney social, this SFGG event promises to be more competitive, and therefore more telling.

As for this past week, most of the top teams in our initial Top 20 won tournaments this past weekend. One was victorious in two. 

1.(1) Old Puget Sound Beach. Won Vancouver 7s in dominant fashion, and won the Roy Lucas 7s in Oregon with basically their 2nd side.

2.(3) Glendale. Oh my goodness, they put up after being touted by us as the #3 team. Won in Dallas.

3.(2) Boston. Won Worcester 7s.

4.(9) Chicago Lions. A complete guess, because we haven’t seen them play yet.

5.(4) Belmont Shore. We're just a little worried about player availability. Won Oasis 7s.

6.(6) SFGG. This coming weekend is their first shot at playing in anger. Did well v. Sacramento, San Mateo, Samoa United and EPA this weekend.

7.(7) 1823. Still leading the Midwest Series, but that's partly because they've been playing a lot.

8.(5) Life. Still like them, but as usual their school schedule affects the team, as does All American callups.

9. (18) Dallas. A very creditable 2nd place at the Dallas 7s.

10.(8) Denver Barbarians. As we expected: good teamwork, not enough speed.

11. (13) YoungBloodz. Really pushed Chicago Lions.

12. (12) OMBAC. 2nd at Oasis 7s, but a distant 2nd.

13. (10) Kutztown University. Need to follow up on their early success

14. (11) Gentlemen of Aspen. Still waiting.

15. (13) Milwaukee. 4th at Firehouse 7s.

16. (15) Maryland Exiles.

17. (Unr) Chicago Griffins. At risk of being too Midwest-centric, the Griffs deserve to be here. 

18. (17) Atlanta Renegades.

19. (19) Old Blue. Don’t know for sure yet.

20. (Unr) Utah Warriors. So far unbeaten in warmup games in Utah. Could well be a shocker, especially with PCRFU playoffs at home.

Honorable Mention: Daytona, Orlando, New Orleans, Humless, Santa Monica, Kansas City Blues, Hawaii Selects, and somebody in Northern California.