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in addition, some other players who have been knocking on the door, plus a few familiar faces, should get a look.

player availability is an issue for some because of their day jobs or school. Look for a couple of other surprises, too.

But perhaps the most significant change in the Men's Eagles 15s team is in the coaching staff. Justin Fitzpatrick may have been auditioning as forwards coach at the ARC, but it became evident really, really early that he was going to make a difference, and the USA Selects forwards, which controlled most of the rugby during the tournament, proved him the right man for the job.

Fitzpatrick is with Tolkin to work the pack in a combination of gritty play and technique.

in the backs, the plan had initially been to bring in Brett Taylor, but Taylor had a work commitment that precluded him being available for the ARC. In stepped Billy Millard, who came in at short notice and did a solid job opening up the backs. Millard remains with the USA team.

And on defense is Phil Bailey. Bailey, 33, is a former Australian rugby league international. He played league in Australia and Wigan in the UK.

He retired from playing at 30 due to injury. Bailey will oversee a defense that has done relatively well in a difficult year.

With Tolkin running the show, this staff will be charged with providing the Eagles with a plan that reverses their seven-game losing streak.