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The comment system is back! We are sorry we lost it. Some weeks back an error in our comments system crashed the site for a short time. To ensure the site would work, we disabled the comment system while we looked for a solution.

Well we think we've found it, and the comments are back.

Some reminders:
1. If you are a Premier Member, you can log in using the normal login button and comment on any article without having to log in again.

2. Premier Members' comments publish immediately.

3. If you are not a Premier Member, you have to provide a name and email address when you comment. Note: If the system says your name are email address are already in use, then what probably happened is you tried and aborted a Membership, or you were a Member at one point. Just email us at [email protected] and we will delete the old record.

4. Non-Premier Members have their comments pre-screened before they publish. We reserve the right to not publish any comment for any reason. Generally we let comments go through, even if they are negative (even if they are critical of, for that matter), but as editors it is our decision.

Thanks for being patients - Alex Goff