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We've been off track the last couple weeks, and for that we apologize, but we're back with all the updates you need. The highest scorer the last two weeks (scoring 33 and 31, respectively) was Noah Walker, who continues to separate from the pack. The late season has been tougher to predict, apparently, as we haven't seen a perfect score since Noah bagged it in week 4.

Though Noah is leading, he's still catchable with a few weeks left to play. Remember, a USA Sevens prize pack and year's subscription to RUGBY Magazine is on the line.

Here is the top 10:
229 Noah Walker
221 Mark Viviani
210 Doug Porter
210 Jason Dodd
207 Danny Mullane
201 Cowley Dave
201 Greg Voigt
200 Zac Mizell
182 Pat Clifton (If only I hadn't missed Week three...)
148 Dylan Carrion

This week's games to pick:
OPSB vs. Denver
Delaware vs. Navy
Claremont vs. UC Davis
Army vs. Penn State
Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma
Arizona State vs. Air Force
Colorado vs. Arizona
Texas A&M vs. Arkansas State