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USA Rugby Collegiate Director Todd Bell said there have been positives and negatives.

“The teams have been getting a high level of competition each week,” Bell told Premier. “And they are getting better each week. Rutgers is a good example of a team that isn’t necessarily recording a lot of wins, but is improving.”

In addition, said Bell, the video sharing program has been “a big hit. For all the coaches to have access to film is a big step forward.”

And minuses? Dollar signs.

“The biggest disappointment so far has been the inability to monetize the competition,” said Bell. “Short-term we are trying to help teams that have to spend a lot of money to travel for the playoffs. Long-term we want to monetize the league so we can address the travel costs.”

Teams traveling for this weekend's quarterfinals could find themselves spending upwards of $800 per player. That, on the end of a season where many teams had to bus long distances or fly for their three or four away games, can be an extra hardship. 

Late notice of playoff destinations because of the league structure also made for high air fares, but the problem is also largely that of the four teams hosting quarterfinals this weekend, only one is near what you've call a major airport (Cal). BYU has Salt Lake City (plus an hour drive), and West Point is within a longish drive of three major airports, but the drive is longish. Arkansas State isn't near any decent-size airport and requires, usually, a flight into Memphis followed by a long drive.