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Craigwell, who will be joining Old Puget Sound Beach for the summer 7s season, wanted to see in person the tournament that got him interested in rugby.

“I just wanted to come out, enjoy the festivities,” Craigwell told Premier. “This is what I saw on TV to get me started. It’s been great; a great turnout. I have a lot of friends playing and a couple of people coaching, and I wanted to pay homage to the event that got me started.”

Craigwell said he has immersed himself in the rugby lifestyle and has learned a lot after playing in all eight HSBC Sevens World Series tournaments.

“My overall knowledge of the game has increased dramatically over this past season,” he said. “I definitely have a different perspective on the game. This season I am still trying to get more minutes. It’s all a learning experience but I am taking it day-by-day and doing what I can to get on the pitch. I am working on the mistakes I’ve made, committing fewer penalties, and playing clean 7s. With more experience I will get more minutes.”

Craigwell said the team as a whole was not pleased with their 1-9 performance in their final two tournaments this season.

“Oh man, it was upsetting,” he said. “We did not want to finish like that at all because we know we’re a way stronger team than our results show. We are going to learn from these last two tournaments and really grind over the summer and come back strong for the Pan-Am Games. We know we need to consistency; we’ve got to come out firing and keep it going. We know we have to switch it on earlier.”

For Craigwell the next big step is to play with OPSB. The defending national 7s champs have added Waisale Serevi as a coach, and Pate Tuilevuka as a player, and while the jury’s out whether Isi Daveta will be healthy to play, Fili Botitu is, and so is Evan Haigh. Craigwell, who is working on being able to play more positions in 7s, is thrilled.

“They’ve got a great program going on out there,” Craigwell said. “The rugby team’s good. Chris Prentice is backing the club and with Serevi Nation there too it’s a great opportunity to learn. I have talked to Evan and Pate, and I am just excited to get out there. This summer is going to be good. I can’t wait.”