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The teams, as reported earlier, are to be the USA, Canada, Japan, Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji.

In 2013, it’s expected that each country will play four others on the list. Each nation will make one road trip, and play at home for the other. Then everyone will convene in Hawaii for a final weekend of matches (Thursday and Sunday, for example).

Venues in Hawaii are being looked at, but USA Rugby is thinking stadium, not park.

After 2013, the competition will change into two pools of three teams, with one crossover match between pools, and then a playoff.

All of the countries still want to keep their Tier 1 country incoming tours, so managing the June test window will be tough. It’s quite likely that some teams will receive a dispensation from the IRB to play outside the test window, or that there will be a refinement of the definition of a test window.

The competition, however, will help solidify the USA’s test schedule for the first time since 2000, with four or five Pac Rim games, a Tier 1 test in June, and three tests plus another match on tour in Europe each November.

The schedule would likely give USA Rugby two or three home tests a year, with additional matches during World Cup qualification.