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Several conferences already play the majority of their games in the fall, and while a movement championed by West Point Director of Rugby Rich Pohlidal to move the entire collegiate 15s schedule to the fall fell flat, the concept remains alive.

Some college coaches have expressed interest in the idea, to the point of saying they will forgo national playoffs in the spring, and concentrate on 7s.

Certainly a move to fall-only wouldn’t work if it were just a small number of teams, but indications are that several entire conferences are seriously looking into a move to fall-only.

The ramifications of such a move are difficult to predict, but the college competition has become enormously splintered now that the Division I of 2009 is now DI-A, DI-AA, and Varsity Cup, plus a USA Rugby 7s tournament in the fall and the USA 7s CRC in June.

A fall-only super-conference would only make things more complex.