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The Otago Highlander missed the last portion of the Super 15 season with a pectoral muscle injury. He is still not 100 percent.

However, USA Head Coach Eddie O'Sullivan named Paterson in his squad for the two matches against Canada and the test August 21 against Japan. O'Sullivan has said he will not pick Paterson, who plays center, wing and fullback, for the Eagles unless he has seen him play during this assembly.

However, the first order of business is to ensure he will be healthy to play rugby in time.

After being examined by the USA doctors, Paterson has been cleared to train with the team. He is not permitted to engaged in contact (as you can imagine, a pectoral muscle is a crucial tool in making good tackles), but he can participate in all non-contact activities.

This is a strong indication that Paterson is expected to be healthy in time to play this month. If medical staff had concluded he couldn't be ready in time for the World Cup, he would not be in camp.

It's no guarantee that Paterson will make the August 21 deadline, or even be picked if he does, but it does indicate that the Eagles think he might be ready in time.