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The new Minnesota team in the latest sign that society is crumbling all around us - the Lingerie Football League - has co-opted the name that was for decades been associated with the best of women's rugby - the Minnesota Valkryies

As reported by the One Sport Voice blog, the LFL's expansion team in Minnesota asked fans to vote for their nickname, and Valkyries won.

The choice of the Valkyries is a clear slap in the face to the proud history of the real Minnesota Valkyries (not to mention to Valkyries of Norse mythology, who were the chooser of the slain who decided which soldiers would die in battle; running around in your underwear didn't seem to come into it).

We'll ask the Valkyries Rugby Club what they think of this (we can only guess) but thought we'd let the fans know in case they wanted to express their outrage. And maybe a lawyer or two could get involved.