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USA Rugby is still hot on the trail of trying to host the eight-team Junior World Rugby Trophy, which was held this past spring in Tbilisi, Georgia. USA Rugby wants to host the tournament because a) they want to show they can host an international tournament; and b) so they can control the schedule more and hold it when colleges are out-of-season.

It can be done, of course, and Denver seems an ideal spot, as Infinity Park and Dick's Sporting Goods Park are both good rugby venues in the same city. The Bay Area could host it, too, with Stanford and Santa Clara University being two close-by, rugby-friendly venues.

And more to the point, aside from the USA 7s, the IRB hasn't thrown much the USA's way when it comes to these types of competitions. 

The USA has the training space, the hotel infrastructure, and the venues. It's a nice place to visit and not particularly onerous to fly to. But is there something special the USA has to offer along with that? Promise of fans? If so, they will have to market that heavily. Or is the USA's desire to move the competition into June a problem?

Actually, one other world event seems tailor-made for the USA, and that's the 7s World Cup. It would have been great for the American game (and serve as an Olympic taster), but Russia got that gem.