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The Kansas City Blues have partnered with a local Kansas City charity, River of Refuge. Beginning Thursday evening, the Blues will be camping out atop the River of Refuge's building until they raise $25,000 for the charity. The team will run a rugby demonstration before heading for the rooftop, which they aim to climb down from by Monday.

The River of Refuge is transforming a former hospital into temporary housing for employed families that are living paycheck to paycheck or week-to-week in motels. The $25,000 the Blues hope to raise goes toward building housing units for those families in need, where they can save what they're spending on food and rent to put towards permanent housing. 

A webcam will be accompanying the team atop the building to document the fundraising effort. Below is a television spot on a Kansas City news station about the event. To donate or learn more about the cause, visit here.