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Palefau had received a dispensation to join camp late for personal reasons, but during his time away he is expected to suit up for the Utah Warriors this weekend at the National 7s Club Championships.

Apparently, while USA Coach Eddie O'Sullivan has said nothing about being upset that Palefau would play in a tournament just before joining the Eagle assembly, the absence has still been costly to Palefau's World Cup chances.

Joining Chris Wyles, James Paterson is looking very impressive in training (despite not being able to participate in contact due to a pectoral muscle injury), and so is Blaine Scully, giving the USA more than enough cover at fullback.

Meanwhile Palefau has been given several chances to make an impression with the USA team, but each time he has had to leave early or arrive late. He played against the England Saxons, but that was the one game he was available for. Other players have passed up work or other playing opportunities (including playing at the national 7s championships).

As a result, it seems the Eagle coaching staff thinks parachuting one more player into camp could disrupt team chemistry. Palefau has confirmed with that he will not be joining the USA team after all.