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Sure you can. No one really wants to play in a 137-0 game, winning or losing. Certainly the players on the Life University D1-A undergraduate team had hoped for a sterner test from Oklahoma.

What the Sooners can do about it can wait for another time – but certainly they have some work to do.

Life has to find something out of that game that is useful.

“We scored a lot of points and didn’t give up any, but there’s still little mistakes we made that we can go over in the film session,” said Life captain Colton Cariaga. “I know for myself I’m just trying to do my part as a leader and a player. I know I’m not doing all the right things either. But having the support of a lot of talent around me is something that helps.”

Certainly Life is firing well right now. They are not going to phone it in, even when they are heavily favored. This weekend they travel to Texas A&M and look to keep their undefeated record.

“Road games are tough,” said Cariaga. “You’re at maximum comfort level when you are at home and the other team has to battle some things. Traveling to A&M that’s somewhere around 15 hours. That’s never easy, but the travel is inevitable. You try not to let it both you and control the things you can control.”

Seems like Life is controlling a lot these days.