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The USA looks to ride the physicality train in the USA 7s, with the changes of the lineup for the start of the USA 7s.

Head Coach Alex Magleby has brought in Blaine Scully in place of Nick Edwards, and put essentially five players who can play forward on the field at one time - Matt Hawkins, Zack Test, Jack Halalilo, Blaine Scully, and Colin Hawley.

Clearly Magleby wants to soften up defense and them pummel them with pace in the second half.

Scully getting a start is an indication that  Magleby is happy with the former Cal star's play, especially on defense, and his linking up with former Cal teammate Colin Hawley will reunite two players who know each other well.

But it's clear Magleby wants power and defense, and reasons that Scully will be the equal of Edwards in the first category, and probably an improvement in the latter.