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First of all, a thank-you. Second of all, an apology.

April and May were by far’s largest months ever, as we jumped well into the six figures on unique users.

This is wonderful news for us and we want to thank you, the readers, for supporting us.

So it’s with some embarrassment that, right after confirming those numbers, I saw we started to have problems with our website. The two pieces of news were not unrelated. The drastic increase in traffic the last several weeks maxed out our server more than once, and this week forced us to rework some things, which deleted some articles posted May 6-8.

I was not happy, as you can imagine, and the main reason I was not happy was because I know our readers depend on us being here, and we weren’t.

So, my most sincere apologies for the site being down much of the last two days. We are back up and have upgraded our server. I really, really hope that won’t provide any more service interruptions. Ultimately, we will be able, going forward, to handle the readership load we are so grateful to have.

- Alex Goff