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In an effort to make finding the news you care about easier, we have created a new way to see the scores and schedules of separate competitions. Under the Schedules & Scores tab atop our home page, you can now select a division of play to see the scores and schedules of that division, as organized by conference, league or competitive region. Just a Big Ten fan? Now it's easier to find the Big Ten scores from each week all in one place.

Currently, we have every DI and DII men's club and college schedule posted that we have been able to put together, as well as the Women's Premier League schedule and several women's college schedules. More schedules will be posted as their collected. If you see an inaccuracy in our schedules or scores, you want to submit a schedule or score or let us know something's changed, email [email protected].

You can also, as always, send your scores to [email protected].

Here are links to the schedules we've posted so far. Thanks for reading!

DI Men's Club

DII Men's Club

DI Men's College

DII Men's College

Women's College

Women's Premier League