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Todd Clever
Clever was in Las Vegas to take in the USA 7s and said he greatly enjoyed being just a fan for a change.

We didn't buy it. He's not "just a fan." He's the 15s Eagles captain, and former USA 7s team star. Seems to us he wanted to run out there and help turn those close losses into victories.

Clever is taking a break from playing as the season is over in Japan, but he is working really, really hard. He has a busy spring and summer and said he plans to be available for all USA games in June and July, with the latter month being the time for the World Cup Qualifiers against Canada.

Will he also play for the USA in the non-cap match against Canada which counts as a Pacific Nations Cup game in May? Neither Clever nor Head Coach Mike Tolkin have said he won't, but it seems that's still up in the air.

Colin Hawley
During the final post-match interview in Las Vegas Colin Hawley kept apologizing. Why? Because he had to take a break to spit up blood. He's so polite. Hawley was punched hard in the stomach during the Canada match, and also was taken out (looked like it was accidental) in the air when going for a high ball. He plummeted to the ground unguarded on that occasion and lay still for some seconds.

Hawley toughed it out and should be fine, although his diaphragm got a working over.

Jack Halalilo
Smiling after the USA 7s, Halalilo was sporting a nice puffy eye and may have injured his orbital bone. We shall see.

Scott LaValla
Just for fun see this photo. It's a cross promotion between Stade Francais and the latest Bruce Willis Die Hard movie. We're not sure why they picked all of these players ... maybe you can figure it out.