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This, of course, was evident during the November tour, although no one was particularly interested in talking about it. USA Head Coach Eddie O'Sullivan talked about it in abstract terms in the March 29 edition of RuggaMatrix, explaining that he had decided to change tactics in the scrum.

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That, of course, meant in part that the person leading that approach, LeClerc, is also gone. LeClerc is now assisting the US Military Academy pack, while O'Sullivan has brought in Fiore Screnci to work on the scrum. The Eagles Head Coach addressed the change directly today: 

"We are changing strategy at the scrum," O'Sullivan told Premier. "Bill LeClerc is a strong advocate of the Krohn/NZ system of scrummaging. It is something we have worked on for the past while but it hasn’t really worked as well for us as we had hoped. We need a fresh approach to the scrum and Fiore will bring a new approach to that aspect of our game."