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“We worked a lot on anaerobic fitness,” Magleby told “Getting feedback from the players last year, they said their aerobic fitness was good – they could get where they needed to be – but once they got there, they didn’t have the energy to be effective. And by minute ten we had no power.”

That spoke to a need to train the body to perform in oxygen depth, which is anaerobic fitness.

“We broke up how we developed players and their fitness,” explained Magleby. “One of the best ways to prepare anaerobically was in the pool. We’re in there for sessions anyway. Swimming naturally forces you to operate without oxygen.”

It all worked out well. Dartmouth won because they had a strong team of a variety of athletic types, a good game plan, good player and coach leadership, and they were fit in more than one way.

“We wanted players to be aerobically fit, and to be able to play the entire game, but also once they got where they needed to be, they needed to be able to tap into another system, recover, and perform. We went from being a team that played ten minutes of solid 7s to a team that played 14 minutes at a good level.”