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A few different perspectives from today’s action at the Pan-Am Games.

First, this writer’s: Tlaquepaque is a beautiful rugby stadium. Not flashy, it has all the back-area infrastructure to support a large rugby tournament. The seats are comfortable and it can hold possibly 2,000 fans with additional seating.

This time, about 1,200 fans, mostly Mexican but support all the countries, came to the vent and were loud and enthusiastic.

Tom Jones from the IRB: “This has been a fantastic day of rugby.”

A representative from the USOC: “We saw that the USA team is by far the youngest team here. Just about everyone could be challenging for a place on the 2016 Olympic Team. What a great development plan!”

It’s interesting that the USOC can look at a day that didn’t really go the USA’s way, and see something positive in it.

And a representative of the local rugby community: "This is a great day for rugby in Mexico."