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Big green Head Coach Alex Magleby said he wasn’t distressed by the closeness of the game, saying instead that teams are getting tougher in the Ivy League, and many are capable of challenging his still-undefeated (4-0) squad.

“Brown is a very good team,” Magleby told “They have three or four guys we tried to recruit for Dartmouth. I think we learned some lessons. We gave up some penalties and they kicked for territory and mauled in three tries. So we have to work harder at defending the maul and work on those penalties.”

In addition, the players said they were disappointed with their execution, especially with their tactical kicking and their decision-making in certain situations. Magleby did not attribute the closeness of the match to the Dartmouth players having mid-terms or him starting a couple of younger players. Minor obstacles could have been negotiated.

“It’s possible the guys get lulled into a feeling of superiority,” said Magleby. “So as a coach this type of game is what you want. You want to see your players under pressure. You want games where it’s in doubt in the 70th minute. I think the players learned a lot, and we learned something about the team’s preparation.”

Looking ahead to this weekend, Dartmouth takes on Princeton (4-0) on Saturday and Penn (2-2) on Sunday.

“There are tough teams in this league,” said Magleby. “Whether it’s Princeton and Penn or Harvard or someone else, we can’t go in not having prepared and expect to win. Still, you can't take anything away from Brown, they played well, and in the end we came away with a bonus-point win.”