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The auditing of USA Rugby’s 2012 Financials have been completed.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the major pieces of information:





Total Income

$10.24 Million

$7.53 Million

$6.38 Million

Total Expenditures

$10.04 Million

$7.56 Million

$6.20 Million





Membership Income

$4.25 Million

$3.21 Million

$2.84 Million

Sponsorship Income

$1.62 Million

$1.51 Million

$1.01 Million









The dramatic increase in revenue ($2.71 million more from 2011 to 2012) has been driven mostly by membership dues (up about $1 million) and events, which brought in $880,000 more in 2012 (gross) than in 2011.

USA Rugby received a boost in donations in 2012 (about $150,000 more than in 2011) and a modest $100,000 uptick in sponsorship dollars.

Commensurately, the expenditures have increased, as well, although USA Rugby operated at a surplus in 2012, leaving them with about $470,000 cash or cash equivalents on hand.

On the expenditure side, the three biggest changes are:
Events ($1.256 Million, up $842,000from $414,000). The increase in events income was essentially equal to the increase in event expenditure. However, while USA rugby still ran events at a loss, the loss was reduced by about $40,000. The overall increase in money taken in and spent is in part due to the USA v Italy test match in Houston, and also due to USA hosting the Junior World Rugby Trophy.

Membership expenses rose from $473,000 in 2011 to $986, reflecting the establishment of a new membership system.

Expenditures for the Women’s Senior National Team almost doubled from $473,000 to $897,000.

USA Rugby divides some of the grants and support it receives from the International Rugby Board and the United States Olympic Committee into more than one category, and so the total grants from those organizations is actually a higher number than listed under “Grants”.

In 2012, the USOC provided $562,508 in direct funding, in-kind, planning, and expertise. Almost all of that was direct funding, and that money went to the USA Men’s and Women’s 7s teams.

The USA Men’s 7s team also received $130,000 from the IRB to support their participation as a core team in the Sevens World Series.

Along with that grant from the IRB, USA Rugby received $364,000 from the IRB to host the Junior World Rugby Trophy, a $284,000 grant for Rugby Development, and $980,777 for High Performance.

The two single largest expenses for USA Rugby (depending on how you break it down) are likely wages - $1.25 million, and travel, lodging & transportation for “High Performance” at just over $1 million – the High Performance category, separate from the same expense for national teams, likely covers age-grade teams, the 7s teams in residency, and camps.