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MAY PREVIEW: This month, Rugby Magazine checks in on a couple of controversial topics.

The Utah Story: The University of Utah almost found its program made defunct. RUGBY tracks the entire story, and looks as who might have been at fault. We also look at a university team that got itself out of trouble, and how they did it.

The Breaking Away: In his column Pat Clifton argues for USA Rugby to back away from running championships. Meanwhile, Jackie Finlan looks at ACRA, an initiative to move a large chunk of women's college rugby to the fall. And Alex Goff writes about the new Boys HS National Invitational, and how, under private control, it has improved.

Up-And-Comers: Meet Harley Davidson and Kayla Cannett.

And More: Ed Hagerty, Play Rugby, the Women of Little Rock Rugby, and an in-depth look at the try that maybe wasn't a try in the DIA Final.

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