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Here's what you can see in this month's issue:

RugbyDayMinnesota. We give you the images and the story behind a cross-divisional celebration of the game in Minneapolis.

Chuckanut Props. Eagle props Shawn Pittman, Nick Wallace, and Titi Lamositele may look different, but they have one important thing in common besides the position they play. All hail from the Chuckanut U19 program in Washington state.

OTC Adjustments. Jackie Finlan talks to Ric Suggitt about the reasons behind the personnel changes for the USA 7s team at the Olympic Training Center.

Ask the Coach. Kicking in 7s? It happens. Tony Pacheco tells us when and why.

Off the Clock. Pat Clifton speaks with former Life All American and new housemaster of an Irish secondary school - Colton Cariaga.

Vegas!!!. A gentle reminder that the USA 7s is just around the corner, and a visual reminder of why you should go.