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According to sources close to the football team, Palamo has an excellent shot of not only making the team, but being a starter at running back. Palamo was identified as a possible player for the football team after his performance at the USA 7s Collegiate Rugby Invitational last June, when he helped lead Utah to the title.

Asked about playing football, Palamo said it’s been an adjustment.

“I am enjoying it, but it’s tough to adjust to some of it,” Palamo told “Rugby is more improvisational and football is set around the plays and how each word means there’s something specific you need to do. There are pass routes, blocking schemes, and running angles. I am learning to figure it all out and translate the play calls to what I need to do in a couple of seconds.”

Amazingly, the word that Palamo uses when he talks about football is not one many rugby fans associate with him.

“I feel uncoordinated at times,” he said. “Now I understand how the NFL guys feel when they come into rugby. I only played football for a year in high school. So it’s really all been new to me.”

Palamo is at present expected to finish the season with Utah rugby and play for the Utah 7s team at the CRC in Philadelphia. Then in the summer he will find out if he has been offered a scholarship by the football team.

“If I do play football, I want to use it to promote rugby,” Palamo said. “I hope I can do some good for the sport. Every time I run out onto the field in football, people would be talking about how I came from rugby. I hope to be able to promote the sport in any way I can. I will always love rugby.”