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As it turned out, the league left them, as the Super League has become the Elite Cup.

Good timing, likely, for the Harlequins as they continue to rebuild.

Last season was not a bad one for the Harlequins. They were 6-2 in their DI league, losing twice to the Austin Blacks, and their winless season in the Super League featured two ties and two close losses.

Club president John Dale called it a good building year.

“As the season progressed, the team began to gel and played the last part very well against some good opposition,” Dale explained.

The core of the team is back with the notable addition of Irishman Darragh Lynch in the centers and David Keane at scrumhalf.

Lynch comes from the Limerick area and has represented Munster at a Junior level, Keane is a former Harlequin Colt who is in his final year at University of North Texas – Denton. He was a 7s All-Star for the West last summer.

The Dallas forward pack is anchored by club captain Pete Van Scoy, and he will be expecting a lot from props Sam Rooke and Jimmy Jewison, who are the foundation of their forward effort.

The ‘Quins still have plenty of young talent coming in, and fitting in all of those players will take time. They have lost several others due to retirement and moving out of the region.

“We are building our depth from local athletes and players moving into the Dallas area,” said Dale.

The Harlequins have already opened their season, playing an early league game in December against the improving Austin Huns 42-25. It didn’t help that they got slammed with some yellow cards, one to scrumhalf Keane and one to flyhalf and goalkicker Charles Davidson.

“The Huns deserved the win,” said Dale. “They capitalized on our mistakes and defended well against our attack. It’s an old cliché, but there are no perfect games. There is always room for improvement no matter if you win or lose. We are happy to be able to commit fully to the D1 season this year and look forward to the challenges of the changing face of competition moving forward.”