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This could be a good things for the Eagles, as they have struggled to avoid penalties when it comes to the hit of the old scrum. The new variations call for props to bind onto their opposite before the engagement - a variation that harkens back to the older days of rugby, and one that makes for a more stable start to the scrum.

In addition, the push doesn't happen until the ball is put in. This is something that has always been a rule, but wasn't enforced as much as it will be now.

"The guys are adjusting," said USA Head Coach Mike Tolkin. "It's new to them, but Canada are in the same boat."

USA scrum coach Derek Dowling has been working hard on the new laws in Ireland, and Tolkin said that has ensured that Dowling is on top of the issue.

"But it is new to them, and we've been working on it a lot," said Tolkin. "What we have found is that there is a bigger call for a push from the back, so the scrum won't be so front-row centered. It's good, but it takes an adjustment."