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After his side defeated Utah 62-14 in Glendale, Colo., Scully, who scored two tries, heaped praise on the eight in front of him.

“The forwards did a lot of work in transitional phase, and when we were a man down they really played well,” Scully told “One of the areas we wanted to concentrate on in this game was keeping the ball tighter in the forwards and controlling possession. If you keep the ball long enough you can force them into a penalty or just tire them out because they’re on defense so long. It worked well.”

Scully himself was in the middle of the action at fullback, including scoring a key try when it was only 15-7, running in support of Dustin Muhn to cap off a snappy counterattack.

“We really wanted to jump on those transitional plays,” said Scully, avoiding saying anything specific about his own try. “We knew it was really important every chance you get you want to jump on those things. So it was something we needed and executed.”

On the Saturday Scully, Muhn, and a variety of other players performed well, but for many the standouts were hooker Neil Barrett, and flanker Tom Rooke, who did all the unglamorous things, and did them exceptionally well.

“Neil did a lot of hard work,” said Scully. “Picking the ball up the floor and driving 15 meters, or picking it off the back of the maul. It seemed like every time there was a loose ball he was there. And Tom was excellent again, especially marking Thretton Palamo. We needed him to come off the scrum quickly to get at Thretton and negate that threat. He did a great job and made a lot of tackles.”