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The Woodlands Exiles, champions of the West, may not be attending Club 7s Nationals Saturday and Sunday. Word is they may not be making the trip to San Francisco due an inability to comply with the new eligibility rule that requires a team to have 10 players who qualify for the 7s Eagles, based on IRB regulations.

The Exiles, who submitted a roster of just 10 for Nationals, applied for eligibility waivers to USA Rugby for three players, and whether or not they've been approved hasn't been confirmed. The waivers were likely to forgo both the aforementioned regulation and the rule that a player must play in two tournaments with the club for which he's playing at Nationals. is working to confirm the Exiles' status, but phone calls and e-mails to multiple authorities have not been immediately returned.   

It is confirmed that if the Exiles make the trip to Nationals one of their top players will not be in attendance, as Canadian 7s international John Moonlight is playing in a select-side 15s match Saturday in Toronto in conjunction with the Eagles test match against Canada.

The Exiles are a new club out of Houston, formed just before the summer 7s season. Their roster at West qualifiers has included Canadian captain Phil Mack, long-time Life Running Eagles Nathan Rogers and Mark Aylor and transfers from other senior and college clubs.