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But time can’t be compressed. Once the residency program was started at the Olympic Training Center, fans had to wait for those players to get that precious time together. Captain Shalom Suniula says it is all helpful.

“We’ve been spending every day together, and in a way it’s tough when you ask, how’s camp, because we’re always in camp,” Suniula told “We are playing together now, and everyone has put his hand up. We’re getting more confident with each other, and our timing together is better. All of that is important.”

The big story after Al Caravelli had to leave as Head Coach, was how the players needed to take ownership of their training. After the initial enthusiasm has faded, have the players stuck with it? Suniula says they have.

“There’s been no dropoff,” Suniula said. “The guys come in to training when they’re banged up, when they’re tired. Everyone’s working; I feel we’ve trained as hard as we ever had.”

Hard work and time together will be a crucial part of how the Eagles perform in Glasgow and London the coming weekends.