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The USA 7s will keep coming back to Vegas. So said USA 7s Executive VP Dan Lyle in the latest edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Writing in the business section of the newspaper, reporter Laura Carroll spoke with Lyle about the economic impact of the USA 7s tournament. Lyle said he wanted to increase attendance (paid attendance was just under 50,000, with tital attendance around 52,000) by 25%.

Lyle added that 75 percent of those attending the tournament come from outside the Las Vegas market.

"That's great for Las Vegas," Lyle said.

The economic impact is huge, estimated at $20 million, with 18,000 hotel rooms booked for the weekend.

This information is useful not only for USA 7s, but for rugby in general. If one tournament can have that kind of impact, other tournaments can have positive economic impact, too.

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