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The 7 am Yo-Yo test Thursday morning certainly let players know this was serious business, and the vibe is a competitive one as players try to put forth the best impression with the coaching staff.

“This is certainly a tryout, no grey area about it,” said Colin Hawley. “We are all competing for spots.”

“I definitely felt like it’s a tryout,” said Tui Osborne, back trying to get on the national team four years after his first and only 15s cap. “The camera is on us all the time in the sessions, and knowing the coaches see every mistake you make pushes me to do even better tomorrow.”

Osborne said the pressure to be precise is intense, but Head Coach Eddie O’Sullivan made it plain, mistakes happen, just don’t make the same mistake again.

“It does feels like competition,” added Shalom Suniula, who is one of only two scrumhalves in the camp, along with Mike Petri. “ Every time you strap up and step over that white line your competing for positions, So you have to put your best foot forward at all times.”