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For the seasoned veteran this was an interesting experience.

“The message was that this is the selection process,” Emerick told “There’s no 100% free ticket on this. Everything’s geared toward finding the right players for the World Cup, and so everyone goes hard.”

The first couple of days of camp the coaching staff gave a clear message – be strong in the contact area.

The players were dilled repeatedly in going into contact and that was revisited every practice.

The players play a scrimmage Saturday that was essentially full-on (reduced contesting in rucks was one of the few limits).

“You had to be on top of your game,” said Emerick. “If you’re in incumbent guy it’s a matter of showing that you can do these skill sets and show you know the best practices. For the new players, it’s their big chance to demonstrate that they also have the ability and the skill. It was a very physical camp.”