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Welcome (finally) to the new

We have been working for some time to revamp this website and make it more fun to use, better for readers, and better for us to use as well.

We want to make better for you, so if you have questions or issues, so let us know at [email protected].

A couple of notes about the new

1. We know this is an inconvenience, but we will need you to re-register as a commenter. We KNOW our last commenting system, frankly, stunk. This one is better and more flexible. It is also way easier to sign up. If you just want to comment, please register. We promise it will be better than last time.

2. We will within a few days launch a new special section. It's RUGBYMag Premier. This is a pay section. As we go forward we will add more and more features to Premier. Members pay a recurring monthly fee to access exclusive columns, advice, sneak previews, video, audio, interviews and articles.

And finally - to register as a commenter or for the Premier service, please click on REGISTER at the top of your screen, or go here.

I hope you enjoy the changes. Thanks so much to our readers and advertisers.

Alex Goff