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If you haven’t subscribed to Premier, we’d like to let you know some of the things you are missing.

I am proud to continue to grow the number of columnists and the features we produce for our Premier Subscribers, and I strongly think that it’s worth it for players, coaches, and anyone following the game, to subscribe.

Some highlights, then, from Premier:
July Issue of RUGBY Magazine

  • We profile Mose Timoteo and his long road back to the Eagles.
  • We bring you the images and the words that tell the story of the USA’s victory at the Junior World Rugby Trophy
  • Arkansas State Head Coach Matt Huckaby talks lineout and maul
  • Columnist Brian Hightower discusses the value of the prop, and how he doesn’t really want to know what they do up there
  • Mike Tolkin reviews the USA”s June test matches
  • Jackie Finlan profiles tiny powerhouse Julie Else
  • Dan Payne tells us about his first ever rugby game
  • Pat Clifton ponders whether a 7s club should focus on club unity, or parachuting in players if they want to win
  • We map out the conferences in Men’s College Rugby
  • We profile Bui Baravilala
  • Alex Goff looks at what we have to do to build on U20s success

And that’s just the magazine. What about the rest of RUGBYMag Premier?

  • We have signed on two new columnists coming this month. Karen Fong will actually write two columns for us, one profiling college rugby programs and what it takes to get into those schools, and the other offering advice and direction on college admissions, with a rugby focus.
  • And and have partnered up to give you a monthly preview article covering rugby coaching topics.
  • This in addition to Aaron Manheimer’s monthly video column on fitness and rugby training, columns from Alex Goff, Pat Clifton, and Jackie Finlan, and also columns from Eamonn Hogan and Gavin Hickie.

    And don’t forget the King of 7s himself, Waisele Serevi, who writes a superb column every month on the game he has mastered.

And then there is the news and analysis.

This month we produced detailed previews of the pools at the Men’s Club 7s.

We give you special reports on:

  • What the military has to do with the Olympic 7s team
  • How Youngbloodz women have done so well
  • A scouting report on the Seattle women’s 7s program
  • Who might be on the USA 7s team very, very soon
  • Paul Emerick’s exclusive thoughts on what he sees in the game
  • Club 7s rankings all through the summer

And what’s coming next?

We are working on scouting reports for the 15s season, and will continue to have exclusive news on college 7s, the national teams, and leagues around the country.

We remain committed to providing you with news and information free-to-access. This includes scores and game reports, which will always be free. But on the Premier side you get a lot more of the Who and Why to go along with the What and Where.

To subscribe to Premier click here.

- Alex Goff, Editor-in-Chief