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Here’s the deal. We decided back in March of 2010 that the website wasn’t what it could be, and set about wading through a series of designs, designers, coding people, and other bureaucratic issues (and those of you who have read my stuff know how I love bureaucratic issues) to create a new one.

We knew the comments system was terrible, but we needed to change some other things too, and decided to live with the comment section while we made some other changes.

We also wanted to create a section for our most loyal and special readers, where anyone who wished to pay for truly exclusive content could do so and get something special. We provide news that is released to the general public, and we provide special insight and interviews you get nowhere else. We wanted to differentiate the two.

So here’s how it works. You can read all the free stuff without registering.

You can COMMENT without having to register, however you do have to identify yourself in the system.

If you want to register for Premier Content, you need to go here:

Or click on the Register button at the top of this page.

You will have access to exclusive content.

Rugby Magazine print subscribers will get a special discount which will arrive with their next issue. If you can’t wait, email us at [email protected] and we can get you the discount code now.

If you are associated with a State Based Rugby Organization as a High School or Youth player, coach, administrator or parent, you can use one of the discount codes below to get $1 a month off premier, and also secure $0.50 per month for your State-Based Rugby Organization.

SBRO Discount Codes for Premier
SBCN11 (Colorado)

SBFY11 (Florida)

SBHY11 (Hawaii)

SBIA11 (Iowa)

SBIL11 (Illinois)

SBIN11 (Indiana)

SBMA11 (Massachusetts)

SBMN11 (Minnesota)

SBNB11 (Nebraska)

SBNC11 (Northern California)

NCAR11 (North Carolina)

SBNH11 (New Hampshire)

SBNM11 (New Mexico)

SBNY11 (New York)

SBOH11 (Ohio)

SBOK11 (Oklahoma)

SBOR11 (Oregon)

SBSC11 (Southern California)

SCAR11 (South Carolina)

SBTN11 (Tennessee)

SBTX11 (Texas)

SBUT11 (Utah)

SBVA11 (Virginia)

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SBWA11 (Washington)

YMICH1 (Michigan)

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SBGA11 (Georgia)

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SBLA11 (Lousiana)

SBMO11 (Missouri)

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SBPA11 (Pennsylvania)

SBWV11 (West Virginia)