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The North American Caribbean Rugby Association (NACRA) 7s championships are underway in Mexico City. Though the United States and Canada don't regularly compete in their championships, the Eagles and Maple Leafs belong to NACRA, and these are the teams they'll largely be playing against in the regional Olympic qualifier in June and the Pan-Am Games in July. 

MenGame TypeTeamScoreTeam
Pool ATrinidad & Tobago48-0Curacao
Pool AJamaica22-7Mexico B
Pool BBarbados69-0Virgin Islands
Pool BBermuda57-0St. Lucia
Pool CMexico7-19Guyana
Pool CCayman Islands56-14St. Vincent
Pool AJamaica31-0Curacao
Pool ATrinidad & Tobago36-14Mexico B
Pool BBarbados42-7St. Lucia
Pool BBermuda45-0Virgin Islands
Pool CMexico68-0St. Vincent
Pool CCayman Islands12-38Guyana
Pool ACuracao0-56Mexico B
Pool ATrinidad & Tobago28-28Jamaica
Pool BVirgin Islands35-14St. Lucia
Pool BBarbados33-10Bermuda
Pool CGuyana47-0St. Vincent
Pool CMexico35-0Cayman Islands
Cup QFGuyanaCayman Islands
Cup QFBarbadosVirgin Islands
Cup QFJamaicaMexico
Cup QFTrinidad & TobagoBermuda
Bowl RR
Bowl RR
Plate SF
Plate SF
Cup SF
Cup SF
Bowl RR
Bowl RR
Plate Final
Cup Final
WomenGame TypeTeamScoreTeam
Pool AMexico31-0Bermuda
Pool AJamaica24-0Bahamas
Pool BCayman Islands31-7St. Lucia
Pool BTrinidad & Tobago29-0Turks & Caicos
Pool AMexico43-0Bahamas
Pool AJamaica17-MayBermuda
Pool BTrinidad & Tobago25-5St. Lucia
Pool BCayman Islands38-0Turks & Caicos
Pool AMexico35-0Jamaica
Pool ABermuda34-0Bahamas
Pool BSt. Lucia27-0Turks & Caicos
Pool BTrinidad & Tobago19-14Cayman Islands
Cup QFTrinidad & TobagoBahamas
Cup QFMexicoTurks & Caicos
Cup QFCayman IslandsJamaica
Cup QFBermudaSt. Lucia
Plate SF
Plate SF
Cup SF
Cup SF
Plate Final
Cup Final