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Despite inclement weather plaguing the East, this weekend marks the first full weekend of 15s rugby. Games were played on all levels on Saturday and Sunday with many amazing results. We will be covering as much as we can to bring you the scores available.

D1A is mostly still in preseason mode with a few clubs taking their first shots at conference play. In the Rugby East, NDC blanked Buffalo, 65-0, and Colgate and Fordham picked up wins in the Liberty. In non-conference affairs, Arkansas State, Navy, Indiana, Bowling Green, Army, Syracuse, and Clemson won on Saturday.

Only four games were played in the D1AA as Mary Washington, Mount St. Mary’s, and Virginia Tech impressed with solid wins in the Chesapeake. Kentucky brought the thunder against Louisville, 41-3, in a non-conference match.

Thirty-one games were played in DII with seven conferences in action. Although few games were canceled due to weather and a couple more ended with forfeits, rugby is strong in DII with NC State, Queens College, Southern Illinois, Central Michigan, and Marquette scoring over 40 points.

Play in DI Club kicked off on Saturday as the ARP/Atlantic North, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest began their fall seasons. In the ARP, Life won on the road at Mystic River and Old Blue took the first bout against NYAC with a last-second penalty to win 36-34. Norfolk and Rocky Gorge put up 50+ points in each of their opening games in the Mid-Atlantic and NOVA and Pittsburgh began their seasons on a positive note. Lastly, in their first DI Midwest tests, Detroit and St. Louis won on the road and conference beasts, Metropolis and Chicago, dominated.

Finally, in the WPL, the Glendale Merlins dealt the Berkeley All Blues its first loss of the season and Beantown crushed the DC Furies, 52-3. On Sunday, New York fell to the Twin Cities Amazons on the road, 39-10, and San Diego improved to 2-1 with a 22-10 victory over Chicago North Shore.

10:00 am EDTDenver BarbariansAtlanta Old White
10:20 am EDTMystic RiverBelmont Shore Gold
10:40 am EDTBelmont Shore Beltway Elite
11:00 am EDTBulldog RugbyNew York Athletic Club
11:20 am EDTWashington Athletic ClubSanta Monica Dolphins
11:40 am EDTMetropolisNew Orleans
12:00 pm EDTOld Blue of New YorkCleveland Rugby Academy
12:20 pm EDTDallas RedsKansas City Blues
1:00 pm EDTDenver BarbariansBelmont Shore Gold
1:20 pm EDTMystic RiverAtlanta Old White
1:40 pm EDTBelmont Shore New York Athletic Club
2:00 pm EDTBulldog RugbyBeltway Elite 7s
2:20 pm EDTWashington Athletic ClubNew Orleans
2:40 pm EDTMetropolisSanta Monica Dolphins
3:00 pm EDTOld Blue of New YorkKansas City Blues
3:20 pm EDTDallas RedsCleveland Rugby Academy
4:20 pm EDTAtlanta Old WhiteBelmont Shore Gold
4:40 pm EDTDenver BarbariansMystic River
5:00 pm EDTBeltway EliteNew York Athletic Club
5:20 pm EDTBelmont Shore Bulldog Rugby
5:40 pm EDTSanta Monica DolphinsNew Orleans
6:00 pm EDTWashington Athletic ClubMetropolis
6:20 pm EDTCleveland Rugby AcademyKansas City Blues
6:40 pm EDTOld Blue of New YorkDallas Reds