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Time to pay the piper in DII in sereal western regions this weekend.

In the Pacific Northwest, the playoff picture will be clarified after this weekend. The big game is Portland against the Eastside Tsunamis in Portland.

The Tsunamis are leading Pacific Northwest South, but Portland is just behind them, and riding a seven-game unbeaten streak.

The streak has coincided with the good form of center Zeke Camusio. The Argentine threequarter looks like a prop, a big prop, but is quick on his feet and repeatedly scored tries where he gets the pass off a quick tap, cuts back into the forwards, and blows right through them.

"No one laid a hand on him; I've never seen anything like it," said Portland Head Coach Andrew Edmondson.

Former USA U19 captain Dominic Mara has anchored the club at fullback while Alex Johnson leads from the front as captain and lock forward.

They will have their hands full with a speedy and exciting Tsunamis team. If Portland wins by more than six, they take 1st in the PNW South. If they win by six or less, or if they tie, they finish 2nd ahead of ORSU, which has already completed their season. And if Portland loses, they finish third.

First, second or third, Eastside, Portland and ORSU are in the playoffs, as the top seeds get a bye to the semifinals on April 23, and the #2 from the South hosts the #3 from the North, and the #2 from the North hosts the #3 from the South.
So this game decides who gets a week off, who gets a home playoff game, and who travels.

In the North it's all decided, as Chuckanut clinched 1st sime time ago, and the Axemen and Valley move on despite both having losing records (the North and South cross over during the season, and the South got the better of that by a significant margin.

Meanwhile, in Northern California, Santa Rosa won 63-7 over  Marin behind AJ Gutierrez's four tries, while Fresno won 52-28 over Chico. Both teams are now 7-0. Santa Rosa averages a score of 45-8. Fresno's average score is 42-14. Of course, the two teams play each other for first place in the league.

Both teams have clinched a Pacific Coast playoff spot, as has SFGG in third place.

And who do they play in the PCRFU playofs? Well there's the little matter of Arizona, where Red Mountain and Tempe have been playing well and are the last two standing. They play Saturday in the state Grand Final at the Temp (Az.) Sports Complex. Red Mountain won the first matchup between the two 26-24 in February. This promises to be an exciting match.

So that sets up these matchups for the Pacific Coast DII club playoffs at Sheeren Field, Treasure Island, San Francisco May 7-8:

Seed #1 (Top PNW team. Could be any of Chuckanut, Eastside, Portland or ORSU) v. Seed #8, PNRFU #3 (Likewise)

Seed #2 (Santa Rosa or Fresno) v Seed #7 PNRFU #2 (Any of Chuckanut, Eastside, Portland or ORSU)

Seed #3 (Santa Rosa or Fresno) v Seed #6 (Arizona #2, Tempe or Red Mountain)

Seed #4 SFGG v Seed #5 (Arizona champs, Tempe or Red Mountain)