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Here's the latest from the DI club leagues:

Los Angeles keeps on winning in Northern California. LA defeated OMBAC 40-5 to move to 6-0, and are virtually assured of finishing first in SoCal. The only other team with a winning record is San Diego, which beat Belmont Shore to improve to 3-2.

In Northern California, the Sacramento Lions edged SFGG 21-20 thanks to some huge gains from fullback Ratu Rinakama. The Lions improved to 6-1 and have sold possession of first place in the NorCal Group A.

Santa Rosa lost to the East Palo Alto Bulldogs, and while that has been the story for everyone playing the Bulldogs, the scoreline, 31-22, shows that Santa Rosa is right there with them.

The Bulldogs are ineligible for the playoffs, and while they might end up without losing a game on the field (they were successfully fighting a ban and missed three matches, which might end up being forfeits), they won't be a factor this year or the next.

SFGG drops to 3-5.

In Group B, the East Palo Alto Razorbacks hold onto a slim lead over Fresno, which beat San Jose. EPA's game against Diablo was called off because Diablo has been (so we've been told) suspended for the remainder of the season.

So that means the playoffs are almost set, especially if the Razorbacks get a forfeit win over Diablo. Then the Razorbacks and Lions should get a bye into the semis, with Sata Rosa and SFGG (order to be finalized over the next two weeks) to face Fresno (clinched 2nd in Group B) and San Jose (3rd in B).

In the Red River Conference in Texas, the Dallas Reds took advantage of New Orleans having a bye to get a little closer with a 16-3 defeat of the Dallas Harlequibs. The Austin Blacks beat Fort Worth 65-15 to move to 6-2-1 and stay in the hunt, barely.

Dallas and New Orleans are in a virtual tie for first and have command over the rest of the league, but there are still six weeks left in the season, so plenty of opportunities should one falter.

And in the Mid-Atlantic, it has become a three-team race.  Schuylkill River has lost twice in the last two weeks, effectively taking themselves out of contention. PAC won 40-12 over Raleigh, and Norfolk beat Baltimore-Chesapeake 23-7.

So the league is now down to PAC (9-3, 43 pts), Baltimore-Chesapeake (8-4, 39 pts), and Norfolk (8-2, 39 pts). The observant among you will see that B-C has played two more games than Norfolk, and lost both. PAC has played two more, and gone 1-1.

That's the major factor looking ahead. PAC and B-C have only two more games left, while Norfolk has four, and thus the Blues are in the best shape to win that league.