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In an unpleasant match Belmont Shore emerged winners in the Men's DI Club Round of 32 with a 60-7 defeat of Utah #2 Northside Tigers. 

Shore is the only Southern California team to advance to the Round of 16.

The game itself turned ugly fairly quickly, as some of the Tigers resorted to dirty tactics. Peter Dahl was hit with a swinging arm after scoring a try and the offender received a red card. Northside would receive another red and six yellow cards on the day, while Belmont Shore was hit with one yellow card.

Shore Director of Rugby James Walker said "the majority of the Northside team was trying to play rugby and I feel bad for them, because a few guys on their team didn't want to."

One red-carded Northside player reportedly attempted to change his jersey and re-enter the game, but was stopped by game officials.

"The key thing was we didn't want to get drawn into it, and then get some red cards of our own," said Walker.

One highlight of the game was the return of injured Peter Sio, who saw 20 minutes and scored a try.

Belmont Shore now draws the Denver Highlanders in the Round of 16 in two weeks.