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The West-North season opens this weekend with the Kansas City Blues taking on Boulder.

Boulder continues to battle on in DI despite struggling to get into the playoffs. But they are preparing well enough, beating the University of Wyoming in a warmup 28-15 last weekend after a competitive (for the most part) Aspen Ruggerfest.

They will be up against as they face a Blues team that has its sights set on 1st place.

The Blues were also in action last week, beating cross-state rivals the St. Louis Bombers 35-11. The Blues showcased some impressive work in the backs, especially with Kenny Scott making defenses think twice and distributing well. Marty Cummings was all kinds of interesting at fullback and scored a nifty chip-and-chase try.

“Those backs formed the core of our 7s team and they’ve been working together very well,” said new Head Coach Scott Kram. “That part of our game is coming together.”

The forwards, however, are perhaps “a step behind,” said Kram. Certainly they were guilty of a little ball-watching on defense, and while the tackling was there, Kram said the pack has a little work to do.

“In our last two games we’ve given up tries at the end of the game, so we’ve been looking at the fitness levels,” he said. “But we’re also watching the ball a bit too much and not matching up with our opposites.”

That’s a small fix for a team that has looked solid in opening weeks.

“We’re excited about the opening of the season,” said Kram. “We expect to put in a good showing.”

Highlights of Kansas City's victory over St. Louis Saturday.