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The Dallas Reds downed the Kansas City Blues 26-17 Saturday in the National Round of 32. The Blues, who had upended a Texas team on the road in the same stage of the postseason a year ago, were the physically bigger side, but did not produce like it, according to Dallas coach Jeff Kolberg.

“I think Kansas City will agree, our scrum absolutely killed their scrum. We were pushing them back, they were off the ball,” he said. “We got every one of our set pieces, real clean ball off the eight. We had real good opportunities, and it our pack led the way and dominated the game, and that’s really what won the game for us.”

Dallas, who went against the wind in the first half, led by just three, 8-5, at intermission. But, Kolberg says, he new by Kansas City’s offensive output, that the Reds would have the advantage in the second half.

“I’ve been here so long, I can literally tell how many points the wind is worth, and it was a bout a 15-point wind in the first half,” he said, “and I knew when they scored just five points going with the wind, that they were in deep trouble.”

Dallas’s powerful play up front was assisted by the accurate boot of flyhalf Matt Rawle, who slotted three penalties on the day, two of which came with the wind at his back.

Rhys Ball bagged two tried for the Reds.