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Nineteen teams remain in the hunt for the DI club championship - three in the Northeast, four in the Mid-Atlantic, one in the South, two each in the Midwest, Red River, and Southern California, one in the West, and four in Northern California.

New York Athletic Club has the Northeast wrapped up even though they lost to Old Blue this past weekend.

The big question remains whether it is Old Blue or Boston that will join them in the playoffs. The #2 team from the Northeast travels to Life University for a play-in.

"Defensively we were much better," said Old Blue Assistant Coach Stephen Lewis, who acknowledged that OBNY defense was a problem in the fall. Old Blue lost to Boston last fall, but won comfortably in a non-league game earlier this year. Bolstered by the play of Nate Auspurger at scrumhalf, Old Blue believes they are a stronger team now.

Meanwhile, the Mid-Atlantic regular season is done and the playoffs loom. Norfolk, Baltimore-Chesapeake, PAC, and Schuylkill River will play off April 26 and 27, with the winner making the national quarterfinals. The Norfolk Blues, who won the regular season standings, are strong favorites.

There are still games to play in the Midwest, but it's down to a two-horse race. Metropolis leads in the standings but it could all come down to the May 3 game between the two teams. The If Kansas City can stay within three points over the next two weeks, which looks likely, then it's all down to that game.

So the playoff scenario for the Pittsburgh national quarterfinals May 17-18 looks like this:

NYAC v. Old Blue, Boston, or Life (winner of Old Blue v Boston April 19 plays Life for the right to play NYAC).

Metropolis or Kansas City v Norfolk, Baltimore-Chesapeake, PAC, or Schuylkill River.

Metropolis leads the Midwest but it will be down to the May 3 game with KC. Norfolk is favored in the four-team MAC playoffs.

In the playoffs set for Dallas on May 17-18, there is also a distinct lack of clarity.

Provo has officially won the West conference, with the conference standings now including the two teams that pulled out - Glendale and Denver - to show a relatively full schedule. Provo and Utah Islanders split their two games, but Provo on their victory more impressively and win the league.

Because the West league is reduced, the winners will have to play in to get to the quarterfinals. Here's where it gets fun - Northern California originally declined to have their #2 team travel to the West champion for the play-in. So the play-in now involves the #2 from the Red River conference.

But Dallas is petitioning to have that game at home, not in Utah. Oddly, had Northern California had that option of hosting the game, they would have accepted it.

And ... if travel is forced on Provo, they would prefer to travelt California.

What is likely, however, is that the #2 team from Red River will be Dallas and they will play Provo for a spot in the quarterfinals. The #1 team from Red River will likely be New Orleans, given that the final match for New Orleans is against HARC, who just lost to Dallas 93-0.

In Southern California, Los Angeles and the San Diego Old Aztecs will play for the title. These two played this past weekend, with the Old Aztecs winning, but LA had already clinched 1st, so that result isn't necessarily a harbinger of the championship game.

In Northern California, the quarterfinals saw Santa Rosa and Fresno advance. The semis are set for April 26 with Santa Rosa against East Palo Alto Razorbacks, and the heavily-favored Sacramento Lions against Fresno.

So the Dallas bracket looks like this:
Los Angeles or San Diego Old Aztecs v Provo or (probably) Dallas
Sacramento, EPA, Fresno or Santa Rosa v Most likely New Orleans
(Sacramento is strongly favored in Northern California)