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The Men's DII Sweet 16 will be set come Sunday, as the Mid-Atlantic, West, South, Southern California and Midwest all determine their representatives this weekend.

In SoCal, it's down to just two teams -- Old Aztecs and Pasadena. Both will advance to Nationals, but seeding will be on the line when they meet Saturday. In all the other territories, there are four teams still in the mix.

MIDWEST Elkhart, Ind.
Bremer County vs. Eastside Banshees
Southside Irish vs. Wisconsin

WEST Omaha, Neb.
Omaha vs. Glendale
Shreveport vs. St. Louis Bombers

SOUTH Little Rock, Ark.
Little Rock vs. Charleston
Birmingham vs. Naples

Doylestown vs. Wilmington
Severn River vs. Rocky Gorge