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The DII playoff picture cleared up Saturday, with the previously unfilled competitive region playoffs being set and others underway. Here's the updated DII bracket with Saturday's scores.

NCR3 Semifinals
Wilmington 57-12 Media
Rocky Gorge 40-29 Doylestown

NCR4 Semifinals
New Haven 49-22 Portland
Monmouth 28-25 Buffalo

NCR1 Semifinals
Wisconsin 40-10 Eastside Banshees
Detroit Tradesmen 43-20 Cleveland Eastern Suburbs

The Sacramento Blackhawks beat Vacaville to take the Northern California championship and take the division's seat in the CR final, where they'll play Pacific Northwest champion Snake River.

ACR2 Semifinal
Oceanside 43-36 Pasadena

The semifinals are set after the Austin Blacks beat the Austin Huns in the final week of the regular season to win the D1-B Division. The Blacks will take the third seed into the CR playoffs and face Little Rock. The top-seeded HURT will play the Dallas Reds.